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Life’s a Beach – Lessons Learned

Having spent my first week at the beach in Corolla, North Carolina I have some observations:

The beach is a beautiful, mysterious and wondrous spectacle of grace and magic, unfortunately it is made up of sand.

Sand spurs are the bane of existence to dogs’ paws and human fingertips.

The words “dress code” applies to no one and that’s a good thing.

The daily Washington Post costs $2.25, compared to the quality of the local and regional papers available, it’s a steal.

Seafood is abundant and aplenty. Seafood costs aplenty.

The horseshoe crab comes close to the duckbill platypus in asking God…Huh?

The best Polynesian/Hawaiian food I’veĀ ever eaten was in Kill Devil Hills at Mama Kwans, a Tiki bar but mainly a local hang.

Best pancakes I’ve ever had are served at First Light in Corolla, friendly staff, too.

I’m a hat guy but the beach made me respect and love the hoodie.

Sea air makes everything taste, smell and look better.

My Croc footwear that everyone scoffs at was the norm. People at the beach are smarter.

Crows are smarter than seagulls. The gulls hang at the beach for food, the crows hang at the restaurant parking lots.

People take their time to say hello and smile..and they mean it.

I never saw 11pm.

I always saw God’s face in every sunrise.