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Why a Scottie?

scottA few months ago we welcomed a new Scottish Terrier puppy into the Greene clan, his name is Watson. He is kin to our first Scott, Mac, and to our two Scotties, Scamp and Mitty, who we lost in a spell of one year. My daughter also shares a home with a Scottie named Boomer.

So the question.. why a Scottie? I cannot speak for my wife Tammy (who loves them, too) or my daughter, I can only tell you why from my GREENE point of view.

Note: I grew up with a Scottie. The original Mitty was gregarious, loyal, feisty, and lots of fun. We had many dogs but Mitty has always been my favorite, I guess because we had her when I was in grade school (geezer alarm) and those years are when your collective memory really begins to congeal.

1. They have beards. All Greene men have beards or should have beards. Greene gals want men who have beards or they should.

2. Scotties, they like to eat. Greenes, ditto.

3. They like to stick to their own closed groups;  family and close friends. They only tolerate others because they were told to at an early age. Again, ditto.

4. They don’t bark much but when they do, they mean business. Greenes have a card that says that.

5. They much rather be home on the couch listening to music, reading a book or watching TV than out at a party or a bar. Greenes, ditto, though I added the music, book and TV thing, Scotties can do fine with home and couch, oh and food, I can’t forget food.

6. When a Scottie befriends you, they are friends forever. I hope that is true for us, too.

7. Sometimes they prefer to be alone and under a chair. Half of that is true for a Greene.

8. They do not suffer fools gladly. I got nothin’.

9. They have long and sturdy memories. Greenes remember every laugh and tear.

10. They do not go gently into that good night, but they go with dignity. So far, so good.