Bob Dylan Meets Santa Claus And Feeds The Hungry


I’ve listened to the new Bob Dylan CD “Christmas in the Heart” a few times now and it’s wonderful. The arrangements are played totally straight, to the point when “Here Comes Santa Claus” starts you almost expect Paul Anka to start singing; but no, it’s Bob. It’s Bob at his croaky-I drink gravel milkshakes- best. The joy of this fun and groovy album is the contrast of styles, the background vocals are like the Jordanaires and Andrew Sisters, silky smooth and sweet, Bob adds the salt, large rough chunks of salt. Listen, to hear Bob Dylan sing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” much less “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is a complete gas, something as a life-long fan I thought beyond the pale, yet here it is.


And it’s all for a good cause, in a commitment to ending hunger, all of Bob’s U.S. current and future royalties from sales of “Christmas In The Heart” will be donated in perpetuity to Feeding America, guaranteeing that more than four million meals will be provided to over 1.4 million people in need in this country during this year’s holiday season.

The CD is like a crazy but favorite Uncle taking over an Andy Williams’ Christmas album recording session. It’s not for everybody but it should be. Thanks Bob, I can’t wait to clear the house this Holiday Season as I play you on 10. Now if only Tom Waits would follow your lead.

Stuff a stocking with Bob.

4 thoughts on “Bob Dylan Meets Santa Claus And Feeds The Hungry”

  1. An interesting fact about “Christmas In the Heart” is that all the proceeds from the sales of the record will be donated to ‘Feeding America,’ the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity and will not be recorded as profits by SONY…

    Cool video on Rolling Stone’s site as well..

  2. One of Grandad’s favorite Christmas albums was Mitch Miller and the Gang sing along. Must Be Santa was always a a staple. I have only heard two recorded versions of this song, Mitch Miller and now Bob Dylan. It leads to a great deal of laughter and not a small amount of confusion when you play them back to back. This is a true treasure of the holidays.

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